Why is the reason we exist ??

Mexpeak, the English and spanish speaking club in Guadalajara.

We are not an English School, We are an English Speaking Community. We don’t teach English. We speak English all the time. You will be in contact with the language all the time with everybody because it’s an only-english-speaking session. You will be able to experience different accent´s people from Australia, Canada, London or any English-speaking-country, so you will be able to interact directly with them in an only-english-talking experience. As well as having the chance to practice your skills in order to improve and upgrade them in a relax and natural ambient. Different topics and themes will be headed. Social events and trips are crucial activities that we take care in our club, since we are not a school and really know how to develop your speaking ability. Everybody is welcome, some skills are required or at least, the willing to learn in this basis or parameters and the commitment to be part of this new experience. We monitor your speaking and fluency on-the-fly, this means, in a real-life-speaking rather than in the classroom with books. We only have one rule [speak English].


  • Dinamic meetings with different topics.

  • 100% English or Spanish intensive speaking.

  • Native visitors to check accents and pronunciation.

  • Special social events and gatherings.


The choice is yours.




Mexpeak , cultura bilingüe

Committed to the ones who are willing  to practice and improve their language skills in an intensive and relaxed cultural-based atmosphere.





Av. Patria #266
La Estancia, Zap. Mex


Tel: 331.519.1964

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