What are the activities that we have ??

There are multiple activities where you can have a real contact with the language. We can either check out some verbs or maybe slangs or some structures you don´t understand, analize a video or simulate an interview process. However, we do all these "on the fly", this means, in a 100% English-atmosphere (or spanish if that´s the case). In addition, we set up some extra activities wich are designed to enhance and empower your confidence while you are practicing in a real-life situation.

These are the activities you can find in our club. remeber that we are not a school.

Guadalajara club de ingles
Weekly sessions,


There is only one way to learn how to speak English, and that is, to open your mouth and speak it up! The only way you will ever get better at speaking is by speaking, and speaking a lot!. this is not a class, it´s a session where we are dedicated to practice (and learn) and improve our skills in a natural best-result way. Different topics, enterprise simulations, workshops, brainstorming ideas, debates, discussions, open topic tables, are some of the activities we will be developing in our weekly sessions. All together for the same porpuse.


club de conversacion guadalajara
Native experience,


In conjuction with session where we practice, It is part of our process to have visitors from others English speaking countries. Guests from Canada, USA, Ireland, Australia are alwas programmed to give us feed back about what we are doing on the sessions. This is the best opportunnity to practice our pronunciation and exercise our listening with native accents from all over the globe.

We understand you really need to listen and speak more fluent, and this is the best way to achieve those goals because this is the natural way to learn a language, if you feel that you need to be practicing in these conditions, give a try to yourself and start speaking and improving

social events english club
Social events and gatherings


In addition, We have prepared some extra activities to give you the real-life experience with the language.

The idea is to organize social events with foreigers in different locations around the city, It could be in a bar, cafe, or a place where mingling and network activities are the back bone of the meeting.

New contacts, good and nice talking with the option of having a draft beer or cocktail while you are experiencing the new way to upgrade your skills and imrpove your confidence.


Mexpeak , cultura bilingüe

Committed to the ones who are willing  to practice and improve their language skills in an intensive and relaxed cultural-based atmosphere.





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